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Surface processing plant

Heat processing and electroplating are the core technologies of hinge. If not taken seriously, the life and rust resistance of hinge will be greatly affected. In order to realize technology control and quality stability, UTA has made great investment in surface processing equipment with no other participant... 

All of the surface processing equipments are from Taiwan's professional manufacturers, including continuous heat processing furnace and electroplating processing production line, all of which are controlled by full-automatic computer to avoid the quality instability caused by human operation. The precision heat treatment process of hinge greatly improves the toughness and strength of the key parts of hinge chain, avoids the hidden danger of deformation and fracture, and ensures the service life of the door to reach the world standard of 80000 times; the electroplating part adopts the double-layer protection of environmental protection plating, which ensures the normal anti rust ability of the hinge to reach more than 72 hours.

★ Comparison: due to cost considerations, heat treatment process is omitted in small factory, which affects the switch life of hinge, while the reduced film thickness in electroplating also affects the anti rust ability.